How To Change Discord Sounds?[100% Working]

change notification sound in discord

Here in this post, you will learn to change the discord notification sound it doesn’t take much time as it’s easy you need to follow all my steps carefully so, without delay let’s begin!

Discord is an amazing software that allows users, gamers as well as anime lovers where those groups of members can chat, video call, and even share their screens with members. Gamers can play games like pubg, Minecraft, GTA v and communicate with each other in low latency.

The main benefit of using discord is that it can be used in any platform whether it is android,ios, or even web browsers so, you can enjoy its unique experience on all devices.

You need to download discord software for pc as you cannot change the sound in the web browser as discord saves its configuration files on pc so, you can replace it with another file if you want.

Sometimes discord sound disturbs us and even so, if you don’t want to miss that notification then you may be thinking of turning it off but hey I have some easy ways to change the audio that will help you to pick up your favorite audio.

How To Change Discord Sounds?

When someone sends a message or mentions you in channels, then you will receive a notification, even if it’s from a channel or your friend, discord will play the same sound in all.

And I know you want to change the notification so that you will be able to differentiate the sound. Then you are in the right place. We will start the tutorial:

  1. Go to AppData\Local\Discord\app-(version)\resources and look for sounds.
  2. You may also create a custom sound for Discord that you can use as a notification tone.
  3. If you don’t have any original sound, check online for one to download.
  4. Overwrite the sound files that will help you to change the sound in discord.

Use Better Discord

How To Change Discord Sounds infographics

first of all, you need to install the official discord app if you are trying to change, then you won’t be able to do so.

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Here are a few steps to use better discord:

Step 1: First of all, download better discord

download betterdiscord

Step 2:download Betterdiscord


Step 3:Install it

install betterdiscord

Step 4:Open it

open betterdiscord

Step 5:There will be a gear icon click on that

gear icon in discord

Step 6:There will be a plugin option 

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plugin option 

Step 7:Now open plugins folder and open the empty folder

Step 8:Download your required audio from this site and download that in your system.

sounds for discord

Step 9:Then you need to download notification sounds js and then paste it in empty folder.

betterdiscord notification

Step 10:Now you can go to plugins, and there will NotificationSounds option toggle to on, and there you can add sounds

how to Change Discord Sounds

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How do I change the notification sound on discord?

You can change notifications through better discord but try not to use it in big channels as it is against their policy.

Can I change the notification sound in a web browser?

No, you cant change notification sound in a web browser.

Can I change the notification sound in android?

Nah, you cannot even change notification sound in android too so, downloading discord software in your computer is a must.

Is it safe to use better discord?

Yes, till now it’s safe but keep an eye on it.

Video Guide:


All in all, I have provided you with all the solutions step by step. I hope you have adjusted your sound in Discord. If you encounter any difficulties, please let us know and we will assist you in correcting them as soon as possible. Also, better discord can be used to change the theme and tweak Discord. In future articles, I will provide further information regarding better discord.

Written by Roshan

Roshan K is a writer and content creator. He is the founder of The Himalayantime, a gaming blog. Roshan also writes for techpana, a local newspaper. He enjoys playing basketball, watching movies, and listening to music.Learn More

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