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be perfect at osu game

I know if you are here then you wanna know to get better at osu as I have also played this game and this osu game is literally awesome and the rhythms are at the next level I don’t say I have completely mastered it but I have improved speed and accuracy in this game so, I have decided I will make a guide that will help you to improve.

This guide will help to cover 6 digit players as well as 3 digits here we will start with the basics then move towards improving, best beat maps to play, and practice time which will be helpful to improve.

If you want to get better then the best way is to practice and the issue is that most people don’t want to practice which is one of the major issues so, you must be consistent, develop strategies, and practice sessions.

osu guide

Osu guide:

Building on the Basics

For me, Step 1 was just to learn and to be comfortable with the game. I didn’t install any modifications until around 4.5k pp. I was making plays of about 200pp or a bit more at this time.

This might be low or high depending on where you are right now you must focus on a star rating to reach the “Oh, I’m making 200pp plays and it’s getting difficult to get more pp” milestone.

Anyways, what I’m trying to say is that I started playing songs at around 2-3 stars and didn’t pay much attention to pp. I just utilized the star difficulty to determine how far up to 5.2 stars I’d gotten without being too concerned about how much pp a song gave me.

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I recommend aiming for FCs at your favorite star level. While playing osu the average star will arise and difficulty will arise so be comfortable and don’t give up.

If you are not able to play at least four maps then I suggest removing the other 6+ songs as those weren’t useful for me if you want to play then you can play not a big deal.

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We were ranking around a 6-digit player between 100k and 300k in terms of rank so you don’t need a tablet or mechanical keyboard in this round so try gaining accuracy now.

If you can achieve reasonable accuracy when you begin, you may establish good habits that will pay off handsomely in the future. 98%+ precision is a great place to start. Don’t worry about SSing everything here; it’s unimportant.

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Here are few things to improve osu game:

improve at osu infographics

  • Practicing Higher Difficulties:
  • Make yourself comfortable
  • OD 8 and higher
  • Improving aim and jumps
  • AR 9
  • AR 10
  • OD 10
  • Learn Double Time
  • Improve Single Tap Speed
  • Be motivated
  • change skins
  • Don’t retry


How do I improve my OSU fast?

If you want to improve your osu fast then you need to practice from low level to higher level and try to obtain b first then ss.

How do you get perfect at OSU?

You need to make routine and try to keep all map in your mind that will help to be perfect at osu game.

How do I improve my aim in OSU?

If you wish to improve your aim then play maps like farming jump,it will help i am sure.


That’s all for today if you have any issues let us know i hope you all will practice and make a routine the more you play you will get better.

Written by Roshan

Roshan K is a writer and content creator. He is the founder of The Himalayantime, a gaming blog. Roshan also writes for techpana, a local newspaper. He enjoys playing basketball, watching movies, and listening to music.Learn More

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