How To Change Time On An Armitron Watch?

How To Change Time On An Armitron Watch

Who doesn’t love a good watch? The Armitron brand has been around for years, and its timepieces are still going strong. They offer digital sports watches that can be worn by both women AND men like other brands on the market today; these have all your essential features, including alarms or even chronometers in some models! 

When you get a new Armitron watch, the first thing that needs to be done is to change your date and time. This can quickly happen with the easy procedures below!

How To Change Time On An Armitron Watch?

Digital Watch 

Step 1:The first thing you must do is press and hold down the Reset button until your watch beeps.

reset button in An Armitron Watch

Step 2: To change the mode of your Armitron watch, press and hold down both buttons until they glow white. After doing so, select an hour or minutes depending on what you want to adjust, then continue holding down those respective choices while turning letter by letter through each set value until it matches with where its corresponding box is located underneath “Set “.When setting values, release all four levers once more after ensuring everything has been saved correctly!

blinking armitron watch to set time

Step 3: The easy-to-use Armitron digital watch offers several functions to meet your needs. One such function is the St/Stp button, which will change how many seconds or minutes you want to be displayed on each face respectively.”

Step 4: Once you’ve finished setting your information, press the Reset button on the top left to lock in all these changes and ensure they will be saved for good.

reset to set time

Analog Watch 

Step 1: To set the date, gently pull out on either side of your watch until you hear a click. If there are more than two clicks, then push it back in and repeat this process until only one or none are heard when trying to withdraw from a space inside your wristwatch’s case.

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Step 2:Once you’ve pulled the crown enough to find that sweet spot, tap it in place with your finger so as not to change any of its settings.

Step 3:Rotate the crown until you find what time it is. Once there, turn back one hour at a time and press in for each new hour that needs to be added onto your watch’s display (or any other action). This will ensure the correct functioning of all functions, such as alarms or timers!

Step 4:After making all the adjustments, press in, and voila you’re done!


Your new Armitron watch is now all set! Keep in mind, though you still ought to check it from time to ensure that your wristwatch maintains the correct date and time.

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