How to Find Someone’s IP Address on Omegle ?

Hey, If you want to find someone’s IP on Omegle from android/ios and pc then it’s a perfect place because we will help you to track the IP addresses of others in Omegle.

Let’s know about Omegle first, It’s a platform where strangers can meet with anyone on their platform, and you will be able to video chat, a message other friends without going out; you can kill your boredom by joining other strangers.

Can someone track/trace your IP and location on Omegle?

Many people use videos and search pages to get the location of others, but they don’t provide relevant information. However, with the method here, you’ll be able to get the IP and location of others on Omegle.

How To Find Someone’s IP address/location on Omegle?

You can find information about users using Android or PC in the following ways:

Omegle Ip locator:

One of the best methods is to use the google chrome extension, so first of all; you need to go to the Omegle IP locator

Just install it, and you are ready to go.

Use an Already-made IP Grabber:

Here are some steps you can follow to use an IP grabber:

Step 1: Go to grabify. It will help to get the IP of the user.

Grabify homepage to find ip address of user in omegle

Step 2: There you will see enter valid URL, enter it and press on create URL

Step 3: Agree on terms and conditions 

terms and condition in grabify

Step 4: You will see full information related to that URL. You need to copy URL

copy url grabify

Step 5: Before sharing, shorten the URL through bitly 

Bitly homepage

Step 6: There you go now share it to find the IP address in Omegle.

share url in bitly


Step 7: That’s all you are ready to do.

Tracked url


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