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How to install Es File explorer in Samsung Smart Tv?

How to install Es File explorer in Samsung Smart Tv?

Here we will learn about file explorer and how you can install es file explorer in your Samsung smart tv; first, let’s know about es explorer.

Es file explorer is one of the free full-featured file managers, with more than 500 million users from all countries. It’s the ultimate file manager for Android smartphones and tablets.It is a widely used file manager/explorer for Android devices. It has FTP Server, LAN viewer/manager, Root Explorer with all the required root permissions, and app manager.

Features Of Esfile manager:

  • Manage files in your device as you do in your windows computer whether you need to select, copy/paste, move, delete and bookmark the files or folders.
  •  Supports all major compression formats (zip, rar, 7z, tar, gzip)
  • Easily share files via Bluetooth, email attachments, or public FTP server
  • Access your home PC through secure FTP connections
  • Play media of your choice with the built-in audio player
  • Access all of your media from an SD Card or cloud storage account on your device or computer
  • Easily organize downloaded files automatically by downloading directly to the desired folder
  • Create and edit MS Office files, PDFs, images, videos, and sound files

How To Install ES File Explorer On Android TV

It was previously straightforward to install ES File Explorer on an Android Smart TV Box straight from the Google Play Store. That is no longer the case, as you must employ different strategies to get the Application operational on your Android television.

A few workarounds may be used to install the ES File Explorer app on your Smart TV without obtaining permission. As of now, there are two methods for installing the ES File Explorer App on Android TV that is outlined below. You may use it any way you choose.

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Method #1  Install ES File Explorer on Android TV Using Pen Drive

Step 1: first of all, you need to open the link below

Step 2:You can download es file explorer as the download will start instantly.

dowloading esfileexplorer for smart tv

Step 3: After downloading, you need to insert your Pendrive into your pc. After that, just move the apk file.

Step 4: After moving the apk file, you need to eject the pen drive

Step 5: Now connect the same Pendrive to your smart tv

Step 6:Go to file manager, then open Pendrive there will be apkfile.

installing esfile explorer

Step 7:Now, you need to click on the app file, then you need to select install then your file manager will be installed.

Install esfile explorer

Step 8: It will take a few seconds to install the Application manually, so have patience.

Step 9: Enjoy

install Es File explorer in Samsung Smart Tv

Note: Go to setting app on your android tv, then you need to use remote => Go to developer option => scroll to the bottom and find installations from unknown sources now toggle it.

Method #2:- Install ES File Explorer on Smart TV using Puffin Browser

If you don’t have a computer, you can directly install ES File Explorer App on Android Tv using a web browser named puffin browser as it’s fast and reliable.

  • Turn on your android tv and open play store
  • find puffin browser, then download it
  • When everything has been downloaded, you need to go to the link below and download it
  • after that, just give permission
  • You will be able to use the file manager and manage the files.

Final Words

That’s all how you can use es file explorer in your smart tv, or you can say you can work with files in your Samsung smart tv. If you are facing any sorts of errors, let us know.

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