How to Install and Use Zoom App on Samsung Smart TV?

Most companies have made work from home for their employers for safety and productivity they can join meetings with the help of the zoom app, where they can talk and manage their business without leaving their place.

It is the most popular video conferencing software available. It allows you to make audio or video calls with others using this app on their device, computer, tablet, or smartphone. The Zoom team has made it easy for anyone to use by giving clear and concise instructions. They also have a tutorial to walk you through starting your first call in less than 60 seconds!

It can be used for work-related purposes such as collaborating with colleagues at different locations or meeting with clients virtually. You can also use it for personal reasons like staying connected with family members who live far away.

It is available on Windows 10 PCs and tablets, so if you’re looking for group chat, then it may be the best platform to chat with your friends or manage the business, but here we are going to learn to Get Zoom on Samsung Smart TV without delay lets begin:

How to Get Zoom App on Samsung Smart TV?

There are three methods through which you can install the zoom app on Samsung smart using here are detailed instructions and three detailed guides. Let’s check them out.

Three methods are:

  • Installation through AppStore
  • Zoom installation on Samsung tv using Chromecast
  • Downloading and installing zoom apk files on Samsung smart tv

Method 1- How to install Zoom App on Samsung Smart TV using App Store?

Follow the steps below to get zoom on Samsung smart tv :

Step 1: Turn on your Samsung smart tv

Step 2: Press Menu button on your smart tv remote

Step 3: Choose the settings option

Step 4: There, you will see the General menu

Step 5: Tap on network option

Step 6: Now tap on open network settings[Depends upon model]

Step 7: Click on wireless option for network type

Step 8: Select your network

Step 9:Enter wifi password and click on done

Step 10: now let the smart tv connect wireless network

Step 11: After connection, go to the app store

Step 12: Search option will be in right top corner

Step 13: tap on the search option and type zoom app

search zoom app

Step 14: Click on zoom app then download it

Step 15:after downloading go-to apps

Step 16: Find zoom app

Step 17: Open the Zoom App.

zoom app in samsung smart tv

Step 18: Enter your zoom details. You will be connected

zoom details to connect

Method 2- How to install Zoom App on Samsung Smart TV using Chromecast?

Here are a a few steps to install the zoom app on smart tv using Chromecast. Follow me:

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Step 1: Plugin Chromecast device on your tv’s HDMI Slot

Step 2: Connect smartphone and casting device On same wifi network

Step 3: Open play store inorder to download app

Step 4: Down zoom app then install it

Step 5: You can cast this app through google home app

Step 6: Download google home app

Step 7: After installation Open google home app

Step 8: Click on profile button

Step 9: Now click on mirror device

Step 10: Tap cast audio/screen

Cast Audio/Screen

Step 11: choose Chromecast device from results

Step 12: Your phone’s screen will be mirrored

Step 13: Open zoom app on your smartphone device.

Open the Zoom App

Step 14: Start video conference. There your screen will be displayed on tv too

Method 3- How to install the Zoom Apk file on Samsung Smart TV?

Its the method through which you can install zoom app on your smart tv follow these:

Step 1: Open browser on your pc

Step 2: Find zoom apk file on

Step 3: Download zoom apk file on your pc

Step 4: After downloading plugin Pendrive on your pc.

Step 5: Now upload zoom apk

Step 6: Remove your pendrive

Step 7: Plugin your pen drive on Samsung smart tv

Step 8: Open pendrive by using remote

Step 9: Upload zoom file

Step 10: Install apk On your Samsung smart tv

Step 11: Launch zoom app

Now your Zoom app is ready on your TV.

How to join a Zoom Meeting on Samsung Smart TV?

Step 1: After installing the app click and open the zoom app

Step 2: Click on join meeting option

Step 3: Enter your meeting id or join through the link

 Join a Meeting option.

Step 4: Click on Join

Step 5: Voila that’s all you can communicate and attend your meeting through Samsung’s smart tv.


Can a Samsung smart TV host Zoom?

There is no zoom option as you cant install the app on your Samsung tv but it offers to mirror through screencast.

Can I get zoom on a Samsung Smart TV?

We have updated 3 methods to get zoom on your Samsung smart tv.

Can I cast Zoom meeting to TV?

Yes, the easiest method is to use Chromecast, it helps to mirror from smartphone to smart tv.


That’s all for today we hope we have helped you to get the zoom app and if you are facing any conflicts while installing let us know about the issue as zoom is one of the basic software for video conferences, Join or host meetings with your employers.

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