How to Unblock & Block someone on Cash App ?

Here in this post you will learn how to block and unblock someone on cash app so,without delay lets begin.

Cashapp allows users to send and receive funds,pay or exchange bills and request money through each other’s device.You need to follow this guide carefully otherwise you may block someone important one.

How to Block Someone on Cash App?

Step 1 : Open cash app on your device

cash app

Step 2 :Press on history you can find it at the bottom.

history on cashapp

Step 3 :Now tap on person’s profile from top then select transaction whom you wanna block.

Step 4 :After choosing the person there you will see Block this person”

block person in cashapp

Step 5 :Now click on red button just wait for few seconds it will be completed.

block person in cashapp

How to Unblock Someone On Cash App?

Step 1 : Open Cash app on your device

Step 2: go to profile section

Step 3:Now click on transaction history from cash app

Step 4 :choose the person you wanna unblock

Step 5 :there will be unblock option the person will be unblocked and added to your contact list

Step 6: Now you can send money and request payment with each other.


If I Block Someone on Cash App, will they Know?

If you block someone on cash app they wont know as they wont receive any sorts of notification as a result they wont be able to search or find your contact information in cash app.

If i block someone on cash app will i get my money back?

Once you block someone they will be wiped from your account so you wont be able to send or receive money in your cash app account.

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That’s all we have explained on blocking and unblocking someone on cash app if you are facing any issue let us know we will help you bye for now.

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