WinZip Alternatives you Must Know about

It is simple to understand the charm of zipped files. When you need to send and receive large files, it is best to compress them. Hence, you won’t infringe the file size limits and can send the files or batch in a single email.

 Zipping files is also one of the best ways to store files on your computer or external drive. These files won’t take up too much storage space, and you can encrypt them to protect them. If you are using a Mac, you can zip and unzip files in a simple way. You can use Archiver, which lets users quickly zip and unzip files in various archiving formats. Using a Windows PC, you can use the in-built Windows zip utility. 

WinZip is one of the ubiquitous software for creating and opening compressed files. However, it is not the only option. Other alternatives are worth checking out. 


peazip alternative of winrar

PeaZip is an open-source WinZip alternative. It comes with intuitive features in a larger package. The standard installation allows users to make file associations automatically and even add context menu options. However, if you want to make your choices, you can choose Custom. 

PeaZip is compatible with almost all the compressed file formats, and its format, PEA, gives importance to security over compression. It comes with authenticated encrypted and optional integrity checks. Unlike 7-Zip, PeaZip is capable of repairing damaged archives. 

Some other notable features include the ability to test archives for errors and convert archive formats. It cannot watermark or batch compress images as some other software can but can crop and rotate them for you. 



7-Zip is an entirely free, open-source software that can be used commercially. It is only 1MB in size and can quickly pack and unpack any compressed file archive. It is one of the most sought-after WinZip alternatives and well-designed so that users do not miss the slick interfaces of the paid WinZip alternatives.

 By using a Windows Explorer-style file tree, users can quickly locate the files that need to be archived. You need to drag and drop them into the main window. 

The 7z format is specifically designed for high compression and supports all primary archiving tools. It is perfect for sharing and can create self-extracting 7z archives. You can apply for password protection if you need to protect packaged archives.

 You can also split them into volumes, and this can come in handy when you need to share extensive archives. However, it is missing a key feature: the ability to repair damaged archives. 

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Zip Archiver

ziparchiever,WinZip Alternatives

Zip Archiver is also used to unzip the files. It is well-designed with straightforward navigation. 

It offers intuitive touches, such as a slider for adjusting the compression levels and the capability of uploading archives to cloud services. Zip Archiver offers few options for creating archives, which is one of this software’s significant setbacks.

 While it can open various compressed file formats, it can only create 7z and ZIP files. 



Zipware gives competition to premium file compression software because of its intuitive interface and features. The software is user-friendly, and you can select Open or New, select the source of the archive or file, personalize a few optional settings, and you are all set. 

One of the standout features of Zipware is that it comes with a virus scanning option. If an archive is less than 32GB, users can check the archive for threats using VirusTotal.It is a helpful feature for users who are always unsure about downloading archives and want to be sure they’re not introducing viruses or malware to their system. 

The software is used for free, and if you want to unlock more features, you can donate to show your support for its development. 

Ashampoo Zip Free


Ashampoo Zip Free offers its users archive repair, archive extraction, and archive creation. However, there are also more advanced features that users can unlock by purchasing the premium version. The software marks every function so that it isn’t tricky for new users to understand how to navigate the software. So, even if you have no prior experience working with file extraction software, you can master this program with ease. 

You might be required to enter a product code when installing this program. The program will ask for your email address; you can start it up once you have provided it. 

However, one of the drawbacks of this program is that it is only available for Windows users. A Mac version is not available. 

The Bottom Line 

These are some notable WinZip alternatives you must check out if you find WinZip cumbersome to use. Thanks to these programs, you can quickly zip and unzip files in different formats. It will help you to compress large files before sending them to the recipients.

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