10 Best Magisk Modules for Gaming Every Gamer Should be Using

Gaming on a phone or tablet can be fun, but some games are too demanding for standard emulator settings and require high processing power. If you want to maximize your mobile gaming experience, you may need to install a Magisk module.

Magisk is a tool that allows users to root their Android devices, which is used to modify system files, enable hidden features, and create custom ROMs. With Magisk, you can have the best of both worlds: the ability to customize your device without sacrificing security.

Magisk Modules are small ZIP files installed through the Magisk Manager app. They add new features or tweak existing ones; many modules can be found on the Magisk Repo. Popular modules include systemless hosts file editing, call recording, and adblocking. Here in this post, we will check out the best magisk modules for gaming.

Best Magisk Modules for Gaming



NFS-Injector is a magisk module that improves gaming experience by maximizing battery life and minimizing frame rate drops. It uses an algorithm to determine your optimal settings, so it will help ensure PUBG Mobile runs smoothly even on lower specifications devices.

NFS provides excellent multitasking, battery life improvement, and a fantastic user experience, and it also helps in memory management.

Features Description
Conflicts It might conflict with a custom kernel, LSpeed, LKT, and other tweaks
Last Updated 07/11/2020
Focus on Improves RAM Management

2. Magnetar


Magnetar is a gaming magisk module that can help you reduce lags and heating. It’s specifically designed to be used with Android devices, known for experiencing these issues from overheating kernels caused by high load applications or graphics processing units (GPU) intensive games such as PUBG, Apex legends mobile, etc.

It is a great tool for gaming, but it comes with risks. For example, you could lose data or have trouble booting into your ROM.

Features Description
Conflicts Might conflict with NFS-Injector
Last Updated 03/05/2021
Focus On Eliminate Lags and Throttling

3. Game Unlocker

download magisk module for pubg mobile

Most phones have a base operating system that limits how fast you can play games. Game Unlocker unlocks your phone’s full potential and allows for faster graphics performance in any game, usually unlocking 90 FPS or more when used on PUBG Mobile. Still, it works great with other titles, such as COD mobile max settings available through asphalt 8, etc.

This Module will not work for all games and may cause a violation of the SafetyNet test as well.

Features Description
Conflicts No Conflicts
Last Updated 11/03/2021
Focus on  Unlock Max Game Graphic And FPS

4. L Speed

L Speed gaming magisk module
L Speed gaming magisk module

If you want to improve your gaming experience, then L Speed is the perfect Module. It will help give tons of extra options to make things faster and smoother with improved battery life!

Alongside all these benefits, there’s also an increased chance of minimizing lags or any other significant drops in performance when playing games like PUBG Mobile, COD, and Asphalt 8, which means more fun anywhere.

L Speed is a module that can help improve your device’s performance. There are three different modes, each designed for certain tasks: Power Saving mode maximizes battery life and decreases processor speed.

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5.D8G Thermal

D8G Thermal

D8G Thermal module is a great way to keep your device’s temperature in check while gaming. This magisk Module doesn’t throttle or reduce performance like other modules on the market. Instead, it helps minimize heat buildup, which can improve gameplay if you’re playing for extended periods!

6.NL Sound Mod

The NL Sound module is a useful gaming magisk module that boosts your device’s overall volume levels and improves sound quality to give you an immersive experience while playing games like PUBG Mobile, COD, and Apex legends mobile.

You will be able to hear clearer footsteps, which makes it easier for gamers in-game; they can also notice when enemies are near them because their voices won’t get muffled by other noises like horse hooves or vehicle engines!

7.60 FPS Unlocker

60 FPS Unlocker

With this Module, you can get a higher frame rate in any game that supports it – like PUBG. This magisk Module will help boost your gameplay by unlocking 60 FPS on devices with screens capable of rendering more than 30Hz.

Materially different from the input because there’s no need for special equipment and additional steps after installing mods. Instead, just one quick step!



The Konark module is a tool for gamers to benchmark their gameplay. It also has an in-built screen recorder and allows you to track down FPS, battery consumption, and CPU usage on specific games, allowing users to monitor how efficiently they play with certain hardware configurations.

9. Magnetar Kilo

Magnetar Kilo

Magnetar Kilo is a new profile-based module similar to L Speed that offers you different usage profiles for your devices, such as Endurance and Performance.

Whether they want more balance or peak performance, you can choose each mode depending on what kind of experience best suits how people use their smartphones nowadays!

10. GPU Turbo Boost

GPU Turbo Boost

GPU Turbo Boost Module is a unique feature that can benefit gameplay and normal phone usage. It increases performance when needed, allowing you to take on more enemies or complete objectives quickly!

With the help of this tool, your system will function more smoothly and efficiently. You can experience fewer lags in various parts, such as transitions or playback issues, when watching videos on YouTube. With the GPU Turbo Boost, you can get more from your mobile gaming experience.

For PUBG Mobile-like games, this is helpful if performance has been slowing down over time or when playing graphics-heavy games like COD which uses almost all resources on phones without limits!


Gaming on Android can be fun, but you need that extra edge for some games. That’s where magisk modules come in. We’ve shown you the best magisk modules for PUBG and COD, so have fun! Do you have any favorite magisk modules that we missed? Let us know in the comments below.

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