How to Fix ‘Error code RDK-03003’ on Xfinity?

How to Fix ‘Error code RDK-03003’ on Xfinity?

Xfinity is a company that offers internet, television, and home security services. The company provides customers with fast download speeds for streaming movies and TV shows without buffering or interruption.

Xfinity also offers more than 250 channels of live broadcast TV, which includes sports, news, children’s programming, and much more.

Customers can also get digital voice service from Xfinity so they never have to worry about running out of minutes on their phone plan again. If you are looking for an all-in-one provider for your household needs then Xfinity is a perfect choice!

Here in this post, we will learn about Xfinity Error code 03003 which is the most common error faced by several users which prevent its users from accessing streaming tv through cable, many people try to refresh cable connection but keep in mind it cannot fix the error code RDK03003 is caused when it is plugged into tv streamer or cable tv with cable box through Xfinity cables then this type of error occurs.

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What Causes the “Error code rdk-03003” on Xfinity?

Here in this post, we have tried to enlist major causes of Xfinity RDK-03003 Error after analyzing all causes we will try to find a possible solution for this issue


Router try to establish the connection of configured settings through the cache where these connections or configurations can be corrupted then it leads to an unstable connection where internet is essential to work properly so after getting corrupted cache it prevents connecting to the server

Bad Power outlet:

In order to work, Xfinity required amount of voltage is required in order to work properly as in this case the outlet may be damaged and it isn’t able to supply an efficient amount of voltage to the signal amplifier where it may cause an issue.

Loose cables:

Check cables properly as it may be the cause of error code rdk 03003.

Solutions For Comcast Error Code RDK-03003

Here are solutions in order to fix these issues check it out and follow every instruction carefully so, let’s begin :

Solutions For Comcast Error Code RDK-03003

Reinitialize the device:

Comcast will display an error message RDK 0203331 in an unsupported device in order to fix the issue you need to restore the hardware device which includes the router so, reinitialize your device it may be the cause that may have affected an application and it wasn’t able to function.

Here are steps that show you to reinitialize the device:

  • Unplug from the power outlet and shut it off completely
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  • Plug in the router and press the power button on your router and wait for 30 seconds
  • now wait till the internet starts working
  • check if the issue has been solved.

Unstable connection due to cache

As discussed above cache can be a problem as the configuration of the internet router is corrupted and isn’t working which may lead to an unstable connection and shows an error message so, you need to reconfigure the router and Xfinity connections.

Reset the equipment

The most suitable and working solution for Xfinity rdk 020043 is to reset devices and reconfigure it. here are ways to do so:

  • Remove the cable from tv, router and other devices don’t forget to remove cables
  • Press the power button of the router and let it connect to the internet
  • Turn on the television and try to stream and check if Xfinity shows up on television
  • Check if the issue has been solved.

Change the power outlet

The power outlet may be the cause try to change the electrical outlet or signal amplifier and check if the error persists as this may be causing malfunction and unable to provide sufficient power supply to the connected devices.

Check the cables

Sometimes the wires connecting your battery box or electrical outlet are loose. This can cause a problem where signals get cut off, preventing you from being able to connect with Comcast properly and solve that RDK0-00333 error code! The solution for this problem is fairly straightforward: remove all strands of wire until it’s just one continuous strand going into each connection point on either side then reconnect them correctly so they’re tight enough not to slip out again in future moments when we need them most (or). If unplugging doesn’t work after trying these steps too many times at least check if any neighboring houses along those lines still have power flowing through their circuits before giving up hope altogether because there might be something else causing interference else where.


So, they are the major causes as well as solutions to this problem try to apply these methods as I am damn sure that after following those instructions you will be able to use your Comcast Xfinity satellite tv once again. If you are not able to fix it or you are not able to find the problem then the issue may be in hardware so, try to reach out to Comcast customer service where they will help you out.

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