How To Remove Vivint Doorbell Camera From Wall?

If you want to remove a Vivint security camera from your property, knowing the right way is essential. The camera can be easily transferred or removed, but homeowners may get stuck in the middle of the process, and they might damage the camera.

It can happen to anyone in any situation, like maintenance of a home or changing position or moving to a new place. Here is a complete guide to removing the Vivint doorbell camera from the wall.

If you disable the alarm before touching the device, it will not trigger the camera alarm and bother your neighbor.
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Step-by-step Guide to Remove Vivint Doorbell Camera From Wall?

1. Get Your Equipment

Before you are going to perform this operation, you need to get the required tools, which are essential :

  1. Tester
  2. a pair of gloves
  3. screwdriver

Ensure you have the right equipment because it will help you complete your task within minutes.

2. Turn off the device:

Turn off and unplug the device from the electric socket and ensure you have disconnected the system correctly because the intelligent system may get triggered and make a continuous sound.

3. Removing the panel cover

two sets of wires

It’s time to open the cover with a Philips screwdriver. Check if the circuit is still powered by checking with the tester. A tester is a small device that checks whether electricity flows as the light blinks.

If there is electric power and no blinking, then it’s okay, and it’s time to remove the screw at the top of your panel. The panel is connected to the circuit with two tabs, so you must push gently, pull the cover out, and hang the panel cover.

4. Detach Wires

detach wires for Remove Vivint Doorbell Camera From Wall

There are two sets of wires inside the device. Carefully disconnect these using a screwdriver and set the screws aside.

5. Remove Mounting Cover

This step is removing the screws from the doorbell cover. The bracket will be detachable from the wall after this step. Make sure you track where these screws go so you can reattach the bracket if necessary.

6. Secure The Wires

Once you see a tiny hole in the backplate, two wires get out of it. Tape those cables so they will not move, and ensure you are not touching them without gloves. Also, be careful they are not touching each other as this might cause a short circuit.

7. Reassemble The Doorbell

You have successfully removed the Vivint doorbell camera from the wall. It is best to reassemble the doorbell to ensure it is not discovered. Make sure to replace the top screw so it is fastened.

How To Install Vivint Doorbell Camera?

If you have learned to remove the camera, then learn to install a Vivint doorbell camera too. Here are easy steps:

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1. Attach Mounting Bracket

Once you have got a hole for your old doorbell, you can install a new one to start adjusting the mounting bracket’s position so you can get the view you want. If the view is not according to your need, tilt the camera up, down, left, or right, and once you have the perfect view or angle, screw it into that place on the wall.

2.Attach Doorbell Wires

Now, carefully, slowly loosen the screw-on mounting brackets with a screwdriver, then take two wires, wrap them around them tightly, and ensure they aren’t touching.

3. Mount The Doorbell

Before installing your doorbell:

  1. Double-check that all connections and instruments are in working order.
  2. If everything appears in good order, set the doorbell on top of the bracket and press it into place until it clicks.
  3. Apply a little bit of pressure if necessary during this step.

4. Restore The Power Source

Could you test it out if you have power to your doorbell? Make sure that everything works correctly. If it does, screw the two security screws into the faceplate with your screwdriver.

5. Set Up The Mobile App

You’ve attached your doorbell camera to the wall. Now that you’ve mounted it, use the app with your doorbell support to play around with functionality. Motion detection, night vision, notification modes, sensors, and other features should all be tested. Most importantly, ensure the video quality is good, and you can see everything you need.


How do I disconnect my Vivint camera?

To disconnect your Vivint camera, you must remove the power cable from the back of the camera. Once the cable is removed, the camera will be disconnected from the system, or you can click on disconnect from the app.

How do I remove my doorbell alarm?

Removing the doorbell alarm is a simple, straightforward process. You need to locate the screws and remove them, disconnect the wires from the doorbell, and remove them from the wall once your task is completed. Reattach the wires to the new doorbell and screw tightly.

How do you remove a blinking doorbell without a tool?

One way to remove a blinking doorbell without a tool is to unscrew the wire nuts that hold the wires together. Then, gently pull the wires apart. Be careful not to damage the wires, as this could cause the doorbell to stop working.

How do I change the doorbell on my Vivint app?

To change the doorbell on your Vivint app, open the app and tap the Menu icon in the top-left corner of the screen. Then, select System Settings and tap Doorbell. Finally, choose your desired doorbell from the list and tap Confirm.


I hope you learned to install and remove the doorbell camera from the wall or any other property, and if you are facing any problems, let us know, and we will try to solve them.

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