Can Sims Get Drunk in sims 4 ?

Have you ever wanted to let your Sims get wasted? If so, you will find out if Sims can get drunk. In this blog post, we will explore the drink options in The Sims 4 and determine whether or not Sims can get drunk. Keep reading to learn more!

Sims cannot drink alcohol in sims 4, but they can drink juice which can give them moodlet as it makes sims happy and boosts their mood, but drinking juice with special effects makes them tired and happy.

How do Sims get drunk in The Sims 4?

sims getting drunk in sims 4
sims getting drunk in sims 4

When your sim starts to drink more glasses, you will get a moodlet that will appear on your screen, and if they start drinking more amount of moodlet, your character will indicate that they are feeling sick.

There isn’t a specific moodlet for getting drunk but based on your sim; you will get sick after consuming too much, which can be thought of as drunk.

In most cases, if your Sims go to a bar or place where they can have a drink, they will grab a glass on their own. Even if there is alcohol around, they won’t get drunk.

If you have used mods, you can install other types of dedicated mods that will help make your sims drunk.

As the game states, it doesn’t support such activity, but if you want to see how they would react if they drank too much, you could install a drunk mod in sims 4.

Can Sims Become Alcoholic:

sims making moodlet
sims making drink

Yes, sims can become alcoholics as they can purchase their home bar and learn to make drinks.

The sims can become dazed when they consume much coffee or drink too much moodlets as some sims drink to feel good, but there are those who drink to get drunk as well, as you will find someone who will drink because they love the taste.


As you read along, you’ll learn that by drinking some types of drinks, Sims can get drunk. Drinking alcohol can negatively affect the mood of your Sims, but drinking some types of drinks doesn’t seem like an option.

Fortunately, there are other drinks for your Sims. Drinking juice can negatively affect their mood, too, but only temporarily. Where Sims are concerned, moderation is key.

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