How to Enter Referral Code on Cash App?[5 Easy Steps]

enter referral code on cash

A cash app is a great way to send and receive money. But what if you could get Cash app credit just for referring your friends? Now you can start with the Cash app’s new referral program. Just enter the referral code of the person who referred you, and you’ll get $5 in Cash app credit. So spread the word and start earning rewards!

What Are Referral Codes On Cash App? 

If you’ve been using Cash App for a while, you may have noticed that some people include referral codes in their profile descriptions. Referral codes are essentially special links that can invite new people to join Cash App.

If someone uses your referral code when signing up for a new account, they’ll get a bonus (usually $5). And if you use someone else’s referral code, you’ll also get a bonus.

Referral codes are a great way to earn a little extra money on Cash App, and they’re also a great way to get your friends and family involved in using the app.

Where Is The Referral Code On Cash App?

Now you may be hurried to share the referral code on the cash app, but do you know where the code on the cash app is? Here is a guide to locating the code :

Step 1:Create an account and log in to your Cash App.

Step 2:Select the profile icon located in the upper-right corner of the home page.

Step 3:The fourth tab is for inviting friends. On the next screen, click the green button with “invite friends” written.

Step 4:You’ll find your referral code on the next page and a shareable invite link.

How To Enter Referral Code On Cash App

Here is the complete guide you can enter your referral code through which you can share with your friends and get money :

Step 1: Download And Sign up For Cash App

Cash App
Cash App
Developer: Block, Inc.
Price: Free
  • Cash App Screenshot
  • Cash App Screenshot
  • Cash App Screenshot
  • Cash App Screenshot
  • Cash App Screenshot
  • Cash App Screenshot
  • Cash App Screenshot
  • Cash App Screenshot

The Cash App is available through the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store for Android and iPhone devices. You need to install the app and signup. Then, after completing the entire profile, you need to create a $cashtag that will make it easy to share.

Step 2: Find cash app settings.

Click the profile icon in the upper right corner of the screen to access your account’s settings (if you’ve added a photo, select it). Now you need to scroll through it and find the referral code.

Step 3: Enter The Referral Code.

You can find referral codes for Cash App on social media or from someone that already uses the app.

If you don’t know somebody who has it, search online using keywords like “cash referral code.” Now enter the code, and you can get a cash app bonus.

ref code in cash app

Step 4: Add a Bank Account

Another important step is to add a bank account. Here is a guide to doing so:

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Step 1:Tap the bank symbol at the bottom of your screen.

Step 2:The Cash App icon will change to show you how much money you have on the app. If someone has given you money, the icon will display your current amount on the Cash App.

Step 3:Select “Linked Banks.”

Step 4:Click the “Link a Bank” option.

Step 5:Select your bank from the list provided by Cash App. If you can’t see your bank, try searching for it in the search bar.

Step 6:A payment screen will appear so you can enter your bank account information.

Step 7:Pressing “Continue” will take you to another screen where you can select a preferred technique for receiving your security code.

Step 8: Click “Submit” after you’ve entered the code and you will be able to successfully link your bank account to cash app.

Step 5: Send Money Through Cash App

To finish the process, send at least $5 to someone using the Cash App. This person can be a friend or family member but must be a Cash App user. Then you will receive your referral reward.

Infographic on Referral Code on Cash App

Requirements To get Referral Bonus On Cash App.

Once you have completed those steps, you can quickly receive your bonus but take care of these too:

  • Make sure you provide the correct information.
  • Make sure you type in the correct phone number because that’s where the verification or OTP codes will be sent.
  • Within 5 days, you must pay a $5 deposit. You will lose your bonus offer if you do not make the payment.


What is the referral code on Cash App?

A referral code on Cash App is a unique code assigned to each user. This code can be used by anyone who wants to sign up for the app. When someone uses your code, you will earn a $5 bonus when they sign up.

 Did you not receive a Cash App referral?

You’ll get a referral bonus when someone installs Cash App and sends at least $5 within 14 days of creating their account.

How do I get $15 from a Cash App referral?

If you want a $15 cash app referral, share your codes with 3 unique friends. Once they qualify for a bonus, you and your friends will get the bonus.


As you can see, it’s easy to get a referral bonus on Cash App. You must download the app, sign up, and then find a referral code. Once you have the code, enter it into the app and start sharing it with your friends.

You’ll earn a $5 bonus for each person you refer, and they’ll also get a $5 bonus once they sign up and use the app.

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