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How to install Python2 and Python3 in Termux on Android?[No root]

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install python 2 and python 3 in termux

Python is a programming language created by Guido van Rossum in 1991. Python has many features and benefits, such as:

  • readability
  • making it easier to debug code and maintain
  • developer productivity
  • making it easy for developers to develop new projects quickly using the extensive standard library and third-party libraries
  • scalability
  • can be used on any size project or team without difficulty

With Python being highly readable, programmers can easily understand others’ code. The syntax within the language allows programmers to express themselves clearly with fewer lines of code. It also makes efficient memory use, which is beneficial when working on large projects.

It makes collaboration seamless for teams of multiple programmers by avoiding most syntactical problems that other languages have. The language is scalable enough to be used on small up to large groups with no changes necessary but can also be adjusted as needed.

And so, I would recommend you try Termux. It is a highly reliable and lightweight terminal emulator that provides you to execute python scripts on your device and gives you various options to try C++, Perl, JavaScript, Node.js, Ruby scripting SLA4A projects.

Now Let’s understand how to install python in android, and then we will see how to run python 3 on termux.

How to Install Termux on Android Without Root

Step 1: The official F-droid app should be installed first.

 Note:You may find the download link at the bottom of the page on the official website

Step 2: After that, search for “Termux” in the Play Store or download from below and install it as you usually would. Depending on your internet connection, the installation might take a while.

termux installation

Developer: Fredrik Fornwall
Price: Free

Step 3: You’re done. You’ve installed Termux on your device.

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Let’s look at how to install and run Python on termux.

How to install Python2 in Termux

To install Python 2 on your android device using termux, use the below step by step guide:

Step by step guide

Step 1: First, open Termux.

Step 2: We need to update our software packages. So, type and execute the ‘apt update’ command without quotes.

updating in termux

Step 3: The “apt-get python2” command should be typed and run without quotation marks when you update the packages. Python is a 25 MB file.

installation of python 2 in termux

Step 4: Now, Termux will request that you respond Y (Yes/No command). To move forward, you must hit Y.

Step 5: Wait until the Python modules and the pip package manager are installed.

The scratch file will automatically be opened as a text file when starting the program. The “python” command must be run without quotation marks. After that, Python syntax can be launched.

That’s it.

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How to install Python3 in Termux

To install Python 3 on your android device using termux, use the below step by step guide:

step 1: Start by opening Termux.

Step 2: We need to upgrade the packages. So, type and execute “apt update && apt upgrade” without quotations.

Step 3: When the packages have been updated, run the “apt-get python3” command without quotes; at this point, Termux will prompt you to choose Y/N (Yes/NO command). To continue, type Y.

Step 4 :Wait until the Python packages are downloaded and installed.

You must type “python3” without quotation marks when it’s finished. After that, you may execute the python3 syntax as usual.

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