10 Best Alternatives to NarutoSpot to Watch English Sub Anime Online HD!

Narutospot,best alternative site to watch anime

If you are particularly searching for the best place for watching anime, then you should be definitely thinking of Narutospot. Naruto spot is a site where you can watch millions of anime shows, movies for free of cost. From small clips to a large anime show, it always provides the content online in high resolution, organized and user-friendly on its user interface. Naruto spot is also said to be the best place for all anime lovers around the world. 

Besides these, Narutospot is also popular for the massive collection of complete seasons of its different shows. One of its features is that it also offers English dubbed shows for the nonnative peoples to understand it easily.

If you don’t find any season or show on the website that you are looking for, then you can easily send them a request for the show. Also, you can report any content on the website if you are feeling it inappropriate for you. Since, the quality of the shows is also in full HD, so you can easily play it on 720p to 1080p. 

In the Home Section, the site will automatically give you suggestions to watch the anime itself. You will also get a search option to search the content you want to watch. If you want to watch the most demanding animes, then you can check out the hot and trending page where you get the animes that most people are watching.

Whenever any new content will come, then you will find it on the Latest Update Section. Also, If you have any issues with the audio or video on any content, you can simply contact the admin to resolve the problem. This site provides you millions of anime series to enjoy.

About Narutospot:

Narutospot is a famous website which provides anime related shows in the best quality over the globe. Narutospot has one of the largest databases among other websites like it, so it is successful to keep itself on the number one position.

On talking about its functions or other services, Narutospot has one of the easiest ways to access any files on the website.That’s why narutospot is globally famous by anime lovers especially for naruto lovers as here you can watch the trending anime naruto.

Best alternatives to narutospot

There are millions of websites that provide the same service as Narutospot. This list of some best alternatives to Narutospot that also give the service and features like it. A user should know about these websites, rather than just sticking in only one. 


Anime lab,best alternative of NarutoSpot
Anime lab

Animelab is an alternative to Narutospot which has just quite similar user interface like Narutospot. It offers millions of anime shows to its users just like Narutospot around the world.

The user will ask for an account or they can also simply login to the site with their google, twitter or from a facebook account. However, users love this website for its quality over 1080p and it also doesn’t show annoying ads while playing any content.


Anime Freak

AnimeFreak is an alternative which has been listed on the best alternatives for narutospot due to it’s great features. 

AnimeFreak is very safe and easy to run. It does not give us constantly arising ads or bugs related issues. It provides you the latest animes, refreshes time to time and helps us to stream various anime shows.


Anime Planet

Animeplant is also a good alternative for narutospot. The user interface of AnimePlanet is also quite the same as NarutoSpot. The huge databases helps the users to access a very large number of Amine shows or a video type content.

By also being free of cost, It is successful to attract many users and the user also builds their own library where they can save content to watch it on the future days easily. All the features make the site user friendly and make it the best alternative to Narutospot.


Anime Heroes

The reason why anime heroes are the alternative to Narutospot is that it’s all free to use and you can watch it on your mobile phone or a PC as well. You can also watch English dubbed shows on the platform. The quality is also very good as it ranges from 720p to 1080p.  

The user can stream any content without the problem like lag, loading or any error on video or audio. The best part is, It is free from annoying ads which gives the best experience for streaming any content.


The next alternative to Narutospot is chia-anime. Generally, it is getting popular around the world for its anime and video-related content free of cost. You can also download the content for offline use. 

This site is not only for anime, but also for movies, series or drama. So, it is a perfect site for anime lovers as well as for the people who love movies or dramas, thus it is a perfect place for anime lovers as well as others.


Dark anime

The structure of this site is also quite similar to Narutospot. The website contains high quality contents. The shows are also dubbed on english which makes the nonnative people easy to understand. 

You can easily find the content you want to watch by simply searching on the search bar. It keeps updating its content from time to time. You can also stream your anime videos at a very high quality.



9Anime has all the great features which attracts many anime fans, It has very high quality contents. 9 Anime is also said as one of the top anime streaming websites with a very attractive interface.

If you don’t understand the japanese language, you can easily watch English dubbed videos on the website. You can also watch movies or animes without registering on the website too. 


Kiss anime

KissAnime is one of the best alternatives to Narutospot. It is a website where you can find any kind of movie or anime with the best quality ranging from 240p to 1080p. You can watch the content for free of cost or paid.

The interface of the site is well designed, So anyone can easily access the functions without any difficulties. KissAnime is the best website for anime lovers.



Crunchyroll is the best alternative to Narutospot. It reaches thousands of anime lovers everyday around the world. It is the best website to stream any content like anime, movies or even listening music.

A user can access the website with both free or premium. You can watch anything by signing in to the premium version or sign in to the free option. The premium version has great functions which will never feel you bored.


Anime ultima

Well our last alternative to narutospot is AnimeUltima. It has a very organized user-interface. It is also said to be one of the best alternatives because it has a very minimum or  limited ads, which gives you a better experience while watching anime.

They always keep you updated regularly about any episode or movies. Users also love this website because of its AnimeUltima’s night mode feature which keeps you protected while watching at night.

FAQ On Narutospot

Among them what are the best alternative sites of narutospot?

Best alternative site to watch anime are:

  • Crunchyroll
  • KissAnime
  • 9Anime
  • AnimeHeroes
  • AnimeLab

Final Words

All the information is gathered by checking from various research. Those are the alternatives that provide the feature and services as Narutospot any way there are discord servers which provides anime to download for free in high speed we will cover in next article.

Please help us to improve our article by sharing your experience about this article on the comment section below. Also If you have any questions or complaints regarding this article please tell in the comment section.

Written by Kamal Pandey


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