13 Best CouchTuner Alternatives in 2021 [100% Working]

Many of us love to relax a couple of hours after a long term of hard work whether at school or work and watching a relaxing Tv show or any movie. Therefore, many people from around the world subscribe to the services like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, and so on and here we are going to get best alternatives of couchtuner 

In today’s words, it is quite difficult to find the tv shows or movies that you are looking for. Also, subscriptions for the mainstream streaming services might be quite expensive, and many people couldn’t afford them. 

Thus, because of this reason, many people are looking for a platform that provides us free streaming and offers quality content. Couch tuner is a relatively unknown but a very great platform that has served its viewers well in that regard. 

Thus, In this guide, I have listed some of the working (as of 2021) CouchTuner alternatives that offer a wide range of Tv shows and movies for you to enjoy free of cost. Also, you are able to watch any newly released films online for free of cost without having to sign up. Sometimes, You may have to use a VPN to access these freely. 

Best Couch Tuner Alternatives (As of 2021)

The given below are our best choices for the alternatives for CouchTuner. They are free and absolutely legal to use because they simply provide a link that is linked to third-party sources. 

  1. Watch Series 

Watch Series

Watch Series is an excellent choice as the alternative to a couch tuner. It offers a very wide number of series and episodes most of the well-known anime and TV shows out there. 

Also, it will give a very high-definite quality for all of its content. Thus, you will be able to watch any of your loved one’s shows in very high quality. It is something that you may not experience anywhere else. 

Watch series is fully free of cost. If you wish, you may sign up or log in through your different social media accounts in order to join the community. Apart from these, It also allows you to subscribe to your favorite streams and get every episode on the time.

It is worth checking Watchseries for the fans of movies or series. 

  1. Tv Muse 

TV Muse

Tv Mouse is a popular site that has revolutionized the concept of free entertainment. It features a wide range of qualitative content for all kinds of people, including movies, animes or news. This is fully free to use, It means we don’t need to pay a single $ to watch the content in it. 

Apart from that, you don’t even have to sign up for an account on this platform. Tv Mouse has a great user interface, and you don’t even have to face difficulties to search for the content you are looking for. 

  1. PopcornFlix


PopcornFlix is a streaming platform which is far more advanced than many other CouchTuner alternatives. It is easily available on your pc as a web application, as well as you can also download its app on your android or iOS devices. 

Here, you can stream your favorite shows or movies on both, whether it is pc or a mobile device. It has a great collection of gifs, movies, videos or anything as instantly they spread around the globe.  At popcornflix, you have to simply choose a genre and check out the contents falling under that category. 

  1. Soap2day


It is also called as one of the top movie streaming sites and CouchTuner Alternative. It will feature many tv shows and movies of various categories. It has a great user-friendly interface so that it will be very easy to find the latest shows and films on the platform. 

It even allows its users to save the content as well as give requests. So that you are going to get the content that you are looking for even if it is not listed on the site. However, It does not save any data on its own server, all the content is listed on third parties. 

  1. Tubi Tv 

Tubi Tv

Tubi tv is a popular website that has been developed especially for streaming films and tv shows free of cost. It gives you a well-developed user interface which will make it very easy for you to get access to your favorite movies. 

However, all the content on this platform is free of cost, you can also create an account to get rid of annoying ads or popups. There are hundreds of movies available on this site. 

Also, you will be able to clarify all the content based on the release date and their popularity. It is one of the best alternatives for CouchTuner out there. 

  1. Couch Tuner Hub

Couch Tuner Hub

Like you can see on its name, Couch Tuner Hub is a popular and great alternative to CouchTuner as you can watch your favorite shows and movies. Its features are very similar compared to the CouchTuner site.  

It is an excellent choice for long-time users of the same. It has a great collection of TV shows and films which you can also watch by categorizing them based on their genre for making it easier to find your favorite content. 

  1. 123 Movies

From the start, 123movies has been the most popular and successful platform in the world. As of today, It is one of the leading sites in the name of film streaming. You can get many fake and clones of 123 movie platforms on the internet. 

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However, some of the clones feature very similar features as compared to the original site. On 123Movies, you will find thousands of popular tv shows and movies for free of cost. The download speed of this website is also very fast. I will definitely suggest that you check out this site. 

  1. AZ Movies 

Although it looks to be a paid online streaming platform, it is actually totally free to use. It is run by a group of dedicated fans of movies and tv shows who also wish to share their passion for the art of movies with everyone. 

Apart from this, this platform also provides one of the oldest movies in the history of the world, from the year 1925 AD, directed by famous comedian Charlie Chaplin. 

  1. Putlocker

This site has also been a hot topic of discussion for reporters in recent times, not because it offers a wide range of Tv shows and movies, but because of the num of domains out there. 

Although, this website is still running and you are also able to watch your favorite tv shows or movies out there. Just make sure that you are using its official platform and not its fake one. 

  1. New Episode

New Episode is a very popular and great website for watching all the recent episodes of many well-known tv shows just after they become released. Thus, it can be a great choice for the fans of tv shows. 

You can also easily browse all the episodes of any particular show that might get missed by you, using simply the search bar or just categorizing the tv show title in alphabetical order. You are even allowed to join the active forum section and interact with the other hand if you want.

  1. Crave


Crave is a streaming client platform that can be one of the best alternatives for CouchTuner. It was initially started for streaming tv shows from all over the world in many languages and genres.

It contains a great range of shows of everything ranging from Games of Thrones to FRIENDS. Apart from that, you can also enjoy the new episodes of your favorite TV shows as soon as they get updated. 

Crave has a great collection of tv shows of remarkably high quality and provides its users with outstanding performance. It can be a perfect choice for you to enjoy any movie or a Tv show. 

  1. Just Watch

Just Watch,CouchTuner alternatives

Just Watch is a very popular platform and a great alternative for CouchTuner. It features a very fast downloading speed and streaming service. It will come with a simple interface and a wide variety of popular movies and tv shows all over the world. With this site, you can watch almost all kinds of Tv shows from anywhere in the world, for free. 

The library of the movies and Tv show titles featured on the Just Watch is adequately shortened and provides thousands of movies and tv shows. You can also go through the titles to find your favorite shows and movies on the site. 

  1. The Dare TV

This is one of the finest streaming platforms for movies and tv shows in terms of quality. It is the best spot to find your favorite movies and watch them without any lag and also in very high quality. Apart from this, you don’t have to spend a single penny to get access to the contents.

However, you just need fast internet service and then you are good to go. This platform is full of popular tv shows and movies. Also, You can easily access your missed episodes by simply searching for them.  

FAQ On Couchtuner alternatives:

What is the new CouchTuner?

Couchtuner is a free online streaming site that provides high-quality tv shows to the users for free which provides tv shows whose episodes are updated every single day.

Is Couchtuner legal?

I don’t think couchtuner is legal as it distributes the shows without permission and they don’t have the necessary content licenses to broadcast the show.

How do I watch CouchTuner?

You can visit their site if you want to watch couch tuner don’t forget to add adblocker which will help you to get rid of irritating ads and don’t download anything from that site.

Which Are The 5 Best Alternatives For Couchtuner?

The best alternatives for couchtuner are soaptoday,justwatch,crave,Putlocker,azmovies,Tubi TV and if you love anime then alternatives of narutospot is best.

Final Words:

CouchTuner is an all-time popular online streaming platform, however sticking to just one will just be boring as the time is going very fast, where its alternative also offers a lot of the same services as CouchTuner. In this guide, we have listed some of the best alternatives to Couchtuner. I hope these online streaming sites will definitely help you to enjoy your favorite Tv shows as well as movies. 

Don’t forget to share your thoughts about this guide in the comment section below. We all are waiting for your comment. Thank You. 

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