☑️How to Fix Alexa Multi-Room Audio Not Working or Unreachable?


Echo dot is a device that allows you to control different smart devices from one place with a voice command as well as it allows you to enjoy the music from multiple devices at the same time but few times the time comes where Alexa Multi-Room Music not Working or Unreachable so, here we will be discussing Causes of Alexa Multi-Room Audio Not Working
.I will give few solutions which will help to Fix the Alexa Multi-Room Audio Not Working Error.

Causes of Alexa Multi-Room Audio Not Working;

If Amazon Echo is not working then the problem may have raised from a sync or connection issue that may have prevented in order to connect or different Bluetooth devices may have caused by Bluetooth so you need to troubleshoot them in order to get your joyful music.


Before performing those steps make sure you have the latest version of the Alexa app which will help you to solve your issue as sometimes sync doesn’t work if it is older!

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How to Fix the Alexa Multi-Room Audio Not Working Error

Here are several steps if you follow then it might fix those issues and you may be able to stream music on a music device or Alexa multi-room: Music device lets begin :

1)Connect the devices to the same network:

Echo devices may not have been connected to the same wifi networks so they may have trouble connecting which may have caused the music device unreachable. Connect multiroom music devices to the same network it might fix the issue!

2)Disconnect the Bluetooth device from Alexa-Enabled device:

You may need to reset your Bluetooth device or you may need to delete and add up or pair your Bluetooth. If you have added any of the multi-room music devices then turn it off and add once again manually which might solve the issue of the Alexa multi-room music device unreachable.

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3)Restart Alexa-Enabled Device:

As already said restarting Alexa might be the best option and every nerd will choose this as it works sometimes as a miracle so don’t be afraid to restart your echo device once again.

4)Restart your wifi connection:

Sometimes as I have faced an issue is The wifi connection if you restart the wifi connection the issue may be fixed as sometimes the internet may not be sending data packets then check Multi-Room Music group works or not!

5)Reset the Alexa app:

You have now deleted Bluetooth profile pages, added once again as the problem isn’t solved then the time has come now you can reset the Alexa app or you can turnoff Multi-Room Music Groups one by one and adding them again!

fix Alexa multi-room music not working

Echo dot

FAQ How to Fix the Alexa Multi-Room Audio Not Working Error:

Why is my Alexa not playing music on all devices?

One of the major issues is wifi which causes those devices to stop playing music so, wifi congestion can be reduced by turning off those devices that are not in use!

How do I get Alexa to play music in multiple rooms?

If your Echodot supports multiple rooms then here are solutions :

  • Open Alexa App
  • Open devices
  • select and scan your Bluetooth devices then select combine speakers
  • select multi-room music
  • Now follow the instructions as directed in alexa app

Can 2 Echo dots play different music at the same time?

The answer is Yes, if you own different echo dots then it will play all music in multiple rooms just follow the above instructions

Wrap Up Alexa multi-room music device unreachable

So, they are the possible causes as were as Solution: Alexa Multiroom Music Device Unreachable anyway if you face any issues let us know we will try to fix it as soon as possible and don’t forget to share these articles with your friends as sharing is caring have a good day bye!

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