How to add or remove Extra keys on Termux?

add or remove extra keys in termux

Termux is a powerful terminal emulator that works on Android devices. While it already has a generous amount of features, some users may want to enable extra keys for added functionality. In this guide, we will show you how to enable extra keys in termux, so without delay, let’s begin:

The extra keys of termux, or suggested keys, are the keys at the bottom of Termux’s display that need to be pressed after opening the program. The CTRL, ALT, and ESC buttons are an example of extra buttons on termux.

Touch keyboard of termux

The following keys are required to access a CLI terminal: ALT, CTRL, and ESC. They’re all missing from the most basic touch keyboard, though. Termux adds an extra key row with those particular characters to fix such an issue.

Here you can use volume down for ctrl key and up for ESC key. For other functions, you can check the table :

Volume down+C Ctrl+C
Volume up+E Escape
Volume up+X ALT+X
Volume up+A Left Arrow Key
Volume up+D Right Arrow Key
Volume up+T Tab key

How to remove termux extra keys:

If you wish to delete the termux extra key, you need to press the volume up and k button Together.

remove extra button in termux

How to enable termux extra keys:

Similarly, you can type this command to enable termux keys pressing the volume up and k button.

How to remove termux extra keys permanently?

At first, to permanently remove the Termux extra keys, you must ensure that your Termux version is greater than or equal to 0.66. You can’t remove extra keys if your Termux version isn’t above 0.66. And in that situation, I recommend uninstalling Termux and reinstalling it via F-Droid then you can proceed.

Step 1: Change the working directory to home using this command in your termux application:

cd ~

Step 2: Install the vi editor on your termux terminal.

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pkg install vim

vim editor

Step 3:Change the Termux directory from the previous location to .termux

cd .termux

Step 4: List all files by using this command


Step 5: Open the file with a vi editor.


Step 6: Follow the steps in order and press I, and enter these codes

extra-keys = []

Step 7: Insert the command by pressing Esc +:wq+Entr, then press Enter. and save it


Voila, you will see a new interface, and the extra keys will be deleted forever.



In this article, we have seen how to add and remove extra keys in termux. The process is pretty simple and can be quickly done by following the above mentioned steps. Do let us know in the comments section if you have any queries. Till then, stay tuned for more such informative articles.

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